Saku Lumivirta

Hi! I’m Saku, a senior space concept designer, and I create unique and attractive commercial environments.

From a wood craftsman to an interior designer and a 3D modeler

Transitioning from a skilled wood craftsman to exploring interior design and 3D modeling has been an exciting journey. In interior design and 3D modeling, there’s more room for creativity and innovation.

Designing functional and stylish spaces is key in interior design, while 3D modeling brings digital creations to life. My skills as a craftsman, like precision and attention to detail, seamlessly transfer into these fields. This transition offers endless possibilities to make a lasting impact.


Interior Design
Space Concept Design
Commercial Environment Design
Project Management
3D Modeling
3D Animating


Trimble SketchUp
3DS Max

Adobe Illustrator
Adobe Photoshop

My latest work

Virtual restaurant tour

Light studies

Design & Crafts

Kita, Etelä-Esplanadi, Helsinki

Contact me

Saku Lumivirta
Interior Designer
3D Modeler
+358 44 535 7059‬